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The Expedition: The Kilimanjaro Diary

“Did you just come back from South Sudan?” That’s how Protus, the guard at the company cafeteria, greeted me when I stepped in for a bite last Tuesday. I looked at the serious stare on his face and knew that he simply didn’t mean that he hadn’t seen me for a while. There was clearly something wrong with my ‘tan’. “Why?” I asked. He said that I had turned too black, eve navy blue! That I had taken on the shiny black colour of the Sudanese. The black Sudanese, not the arab ones. I told him that I had gone to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and that it was too cold up there and that was why my complexion had changed to that of charcoal from Narok. “If it was cold, you ought to be light. Not this dark! " he said. I gave up the fight. I had suffered a frost nip and I had just gotten better. My nose, cheeks, face and lips had all decided to shed their outer layer…yet I am not a reptile. Yes, that explains why I didn’t blog much in October. I was busy running, jogging, walking, stretch

Loud whispers from the Corridors of Power!

There are things you know, but which because you don’t have what can be considered ‘irrefutable proof’ by the big-shots, you just have to resort to the blog. I listen to lots of little birds in my line of duty. And boy, the birds have been singing! Does anyone remember back in July when we were so busy trying to trace the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act? Okay, here is what the whispers in the corridors of power say. The motive of the whole plot –to hide the IEBC Act-- was to make it impractical for the election to be held in August 2012, because that will ‘shorten’ the President’s term. The furtive plan saw to it that President Kibaki had to be kept in office until December 2012. But so as not to have the debate on the election date every five years, they sought to change the Constitution and take the polls to December. The scheme, orchestrated by insiders in government and the Cabinet, saw the holdup in the publication of the Independent Electoral and Bou