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It is 'Inadvertently regrettable'

I am doing badly. This is my first blog this month. Darn! What was I doing all those days? Well, I have been busy. No wonder I feel this tired…tense muscles on the shoulder and neck. Grrr!Well, a month ago, I sat in Parliament looking at the Government printer. I had no idea that the story I was going to write would catch the attention of so many people and be etched in the memories of many others for a very long time.It was a beautiful moment to see the GP ward off questions with a sweet chorus about something being “inadvertently regrettable”. I haven’t made sense of that phrase. Someone help explain that to me. I was at first confused, but then, he said “it was inadvertent and regrettable”, so I got the hang of it.But just as I thought I had it, he said it again “inadvertently regrettable”. What the hell is that. If something is inadvertent, it is regrettable to an extent, no? Where’s Philip Ochieng’?So, when a big shot from Parliament stood in front of editors to tell them that he…