My stint with Media Lab IV

Still, last week, I met two young colleagues from Uganda, Flavia and Lydia, as they went out for lunch. They said I don’t talk much often about their work and the work of others at Media Lab IV. They asked me if I could walk to their workstations and talk to them.

Well, I took the trip upstairs and had fun with the guys. I was able to see Flavia smile again. The last time I saw her smile was when she saw me at my mom’s funeral at our rural home back in April. I then met Lydia, and she looked all fine.

I was also able to put name to face when I met Herbling and Nduta (did you get the house?). Then I met Thiong’o and Stermius (sorry, I mispronounced your name) and well, Ismail Ladu (forget I couldn’t pronounce your ethnic community that well). Then there was the cute Tanzanian girl, yes Fariji, then Njeri kept on taunting me. And yes, I met the party girl from the photos, yes, I won’t mention your name but you know who you are because that’s what I called you.

Then there’s this other girl who was seated at the front on the right, alone! She was busy writing and editing stuff, well, she was also serious, so I didn’t get time for a chit-chat. I’d also mention that I met Zeynab leaving the lab and she was in a hurry (Psst…mlamwa, was it a date?). Some guy from TZ, seated next to Flavia was also there.

I missed Omwenga and Aby and some of the names that I only see. But, I think I will make another visit, like my cousin Tequila keeps saying “God willing and boss allowing”. That said, I seem not able to get the copy of the latest issue of the Fourth Tablet. I deleted the one you sent me after downloading it on the office laptop.

Someone, email me a copy?


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