That day will come....

I had a chat with Dr Wilfred Gisuka Machage, an MP and a suspended minister about his life in suspension. I didn't think he was deluded, I just thought that he is a man who believes in what he says and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about what he does.

But then, when the National Cohesion and Integration Commission saw whatever he said and interpreted it differently, he has now been put in hot soup. The editing by the media and all, it is just a version, of how the public processes information.

What type of honourable creature is this in the House who can neither ask nor answer questions?”

This remark, made in jest by Olago Aluoch, the straight-talking MP for Kisumu Town West, sums up the anguish and dilemma facing suspended assistant minister Wilfred Gisuka Machage.

Though Mr Olago posed the question in Parliament a year ago — and he was forced to apologise for calling a fellow MP a “creature” — that question is still in the minds of many, as to what exactly is the role of the generously bearded Dr Machage in the august House.

Dr Machage had a distant look in his eyes, loads of pain in his voice, and a tinge of regret about his current predicament. This is because he is battling charges of hate speech in court.


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