Olympic Marathon Champion Samuel Wanjiru is Dead

Kenya is in mourning. Their Olympic champion and indefatigable marathoner, Samuel Wanjiru is dead. Apparently, the police believe he jumped from the balcony of his Nyahururu mansion to his death. The story is that he was inebriated and apparently came home with another woman.

His wife, it is said, was away. But then, she returned "unexpectedly", the police say, and found Wanjiru and the other woman, together in bed. She locked them inside the bedroom and left.

In such circumstances, women normally rush to call their mothers-in-law or their relatives , so that they have proof that their marriage is on the rocks. News from Kenya don't have this detail, so this is my speculation.

The reports from Kenya say Wanjiru landed on the concrete and started bleeding. He died shortly after. And thus Kenya's dreams of shining in next year's Olympic games, in the marathon, faded, but did not die. Hopefully, another marathoner will arise.

Kenya's Prime Minister was distraught --that's what the statement from his office to my email showed.

"As an athletics nation", Mr Odinga, the PM said, "we looked forward to a sterling performance in the Olympic Games in London next year. Mr Wanjiru was one of our sure bets for gold in the upcoming contest".

" His death is therefore a big blow to our dreams."

And with that, Wanjiru is forgotten.

He's had problems with his wife before; problems which played out in the national media. Apparently he had pointed a gun to his wife, the wife called the police and then she went to court.

After a back and forth and some intervention from unnamed places, the duo publicly announced that they had buried the hatchet and were now together in love. Whether it was cosmetic or not, we'll surely find out in the near future.

But looking at the comments on this story, I think the woman will have problems convincing people that "he jumped". So many questions, just check the comments and see the reasoning.

And now, enter the widows...so we haven't seen anything yet. have we?


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