Leave Episodes

Yes, I am on leave and in Mumias. So, I am glad that my immediate boss and my colleague have respected that. I'll buy each of you very cold yorghurt when Iget back.

Although I am sad that while I was away the Lands and Natural Resources Committee wrote their report from a political angle yet money was lost. I will upload my understanding of the documents tabled before the committee about the theft.

My problem is that I sometimes take it personal when someone pockets money meant for the public and everyone else is taken for a fool. There's no "small" corruption. If you're corrupt, we should call you that and treat you that way. Just wait till I get back. That's on my to-do-list.

There's a reason why it is called "LEAVE"

I also got a nauseating phonecall that someone has a story "for me". Since I began my "off-mode" such calls have been persistent. There's a politician who suddenly has this scoop that he wants to give to me and only me.

It has nothing to do with a scandal (I love scandals, real corruption scandals where someone steals millions meant for building dams for thirsty villagers in an arid area in Northern Kenya or where there's a scheme to steal public money, should I say, your taxes, so that I get you to take me seriously the next time I write about it?").

The fella simply wants some publicity and happened to know someone who had my number and that's how I got "on demand". Electioneering season is coming up and I can't rule out many of such calls. But, I'll say it here, I have no time for politicians. They make me sick. I don't know why some people think their word is so important.

CONSPIRACY: Maize scandal in-the-making :)

Well, you're going to tell me that we ignored politics and paid the price when all of a sudden the 2007 -2008 post-election violence cut the supply chains and even led to the disastrous hunger in 2009. You'll tell me that the farmers in Rift Valley are suffering lack of maize seed because of the politics surrounding the Hague Six. That someone in government is trying to punish constituents of a political rival. That's called conspiracy. If you want them, you know my mind is fertile and can churn them up. Luckily, few come to pass, but I never gloat about them outside the pages of this blog.

Okay, about maize farmers, how about this theory that someone high up in government is broke. The elections are coming up. This fella has tried tinkering with the petroleum products and that doesn't look like it was going to fly. So the fellow quickly rolled out option B. Delay the planting season by deliberately orchestrating a shortage of seed and fertiliser (both DAP and UREA plus CAN).

So, with the weatherman predicting poor rains, this guy and his ilk know this will force the government to set aside money to feed the hungry millions next year. Maize importation is big business and costs billions. The last time, it cost Sh23 billion. The bulk of this money ended up in peoples pockets. Now, this "plot" looks viable.

No? Let's wait and see.

"Thank you Mr Speaker, I rise to ask question number...as set out in today's Order Paper."

I have been here for sometime, with occasional visits to Kakamega and Bungoma. It happens that at 2.30pm, KBC is so popular. Because of the live proceedings of Parliament.

I was perturbed when a driver recently switched channels from the shoulder-shaking luhya music to live proceedings. It reminded me of work. Of Parliament. The question time. So, this thing is popular. Well, thumbs up to Parliament. Since that day, I get into a matatu that has no music.


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