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Leave Episodes

Yes, I am on leave and in Mumias. So, I am glad that my immediate boss and my colleague have respected that. I'll buy each of you very cold yorghurt when Iget back. Although I am sad that while I was away the Lands and Natural Resources Committee wrote their report from a political angle yet money was lost. I will upload my understanding of the documents tabled before the committee about the theft. My problem is that I sometimes take it personal when someone pockets money meant for the public and everyone else is taken for a fool. There's no "small" corruption. If you're corrupt, we should call you that and treat you that way. Just wait till I get back. That's on my to-do-list. There's a reason why it is called "LEAVE" I also got a nauseating phonecall that someone has a story "for me". Since I began my "off-mode" such calls have been persistent. There's a politician who suddenly has this scoop that he wants to g


It’s not everyday that you find 20 information scientists gathered under one roof, just having a drink and getting to know each other. So, yesterday, Friday April 8, 2011 was one of those exceptional moments. Exceptional because I met a person who was a first year at the Faculty in 1992—and he still recalls his admission number, and also there was this person who is yet to graduate who showed up to see how ‘life on the outside’ looks like. Then there were those who have worked in the Middle East before “they got bored” and came back to Kenya. There was one who still works in the Middle East and now another one who works in West Africa. And those of us who work locally, including the ones whose office is next to the Mukuru slums. Anyway, away with the generalities and the vagueness, the whole thing was beautiful. Thanks to Abo, Brenda (my sister-in-law), Miriam, and Hilda. Okay, I met Hilda. She has sweet dreadlocks and a quiet steely demeanour. Bearing in mind that she’s a boar