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Thoughts on the next elections

Just like I predicted in September that there will be fireworks over the date of next elections, it has come to pass. I now feel comfortable to add my thoughts to the debate. The next elections, according to the Sixth Schedule will happen WITHIN 60 days after the dissolution of the current Parliament AT THE END OF ITS TERM. Now, the end of its term, I submit, is catered for under the clause that the government and Parliament keeps quoting: “The National Assembly existing immediately before the effective date shall continue as the National Assembly for the purposes of this Constitution for its unexpired term.” So, the same Constitution at article 101 gives Parliament a five-year term. And they say, this term expires on the DATE OF THE NEXT ELECTIONS. Fine. The question is, five years from when? Some lawyers, like Mr Abdikadir Mohammed and Mutula Kilonzo –both with personal interests in this matter - argue that it is five years from the date of the last elections. Both are bri