This man is just the one!

Well, I can't sleep without telling you about my experience at the first public interview. The Justice and Legal Affairs Committee had Justice Isaac Lenaola and Principal Magistrate Emily Ominde for interviews.

As I looked on, I heard the committee members ask the usual interview questions: "Tell us about yourself? what awards have you earned? Have you published any papers? Are you 'clean'?" And such stuff.

Then, my pal David Ochami, when we got the chance to put in our questions after the meeting, turned on the committee. He questioned the kind of reasoning that went behind their minds as they came up with the list of questions.

He wondered if knowing where a judge went to school was more important than say, their opinion on death penalty and such stuff. He wondered if the committee, which was full of lawyers, knew anything about jurisprudence.

The committee members were shocked. But then, I can get soft on them and say, they didn't expect that a journalist could ask such a question. Did they? There are bright people out here after all! But beware of activists :)


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