A lesson in history

Every day I learn something new. Today, while reading Simeon Nyachae’s biography, I came across a funny line.

Nyachae notes that when he was Cabinet Secretary he had a run-in with Martin Shikuku. He says, Shikuku was once an assistant minister in the Office of the President.

At that time, Shikuku used to come early and stand at the doors of Harambee House, marking what time each of the civil servants reported to work. Complete with a register. Now picture that!

Then when Nyachae complained that the civil service had its own mechanism of dealing with such matters, Shikuku raised the matter in Parliament saying Nyachae was “behaving like a Prime Minister!” Of course, something had to give, and in this case it was Mr Shikuku who was shown the door.

Life happens!

PS: This is my first blog in October. I hope to write 20. The countdown begins. One down!of dealing with such matters


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