Kazi kwa Vijana, like M-Pesa, is on its way to the UK

So while Kenya was busy celebrating Mashujaa Day, the UK, it's colonial master, was busy worried about balancing books. I Just got lucky to see the UK Finance Minister George Osborne reading his first budget and goodness, it seems life will be tough.

While Kenya is struggling to create 500,000 jobs annually, the UK wants to cut 490,000 jobs in government and another similar number in the private sector. So, really, how were Tony Blair and Gordon Brown managing? It seems Cameron will have a super hard time turning that economy around.

But looking at all that they have in that budget, I see as if someone is experimenting bigtime with things that can backfire both economically and politically. I hear politicians are the same everywhere, and that if they do anything in the name of the people, then we all have to be wary.

Let's see if they can implement that budget, because, what my head of State gave me as a speech for Mashujaa Day looked like a cut and paste job of many of his speeches, from when he reopened Parliament, to last year's Kenyatta and Jamhuri Day. Just a little tinkering with the words.

PS: Was watching TV and I saw the MPs sitting on the floor, others squeezed tight, while still others were standing. And here in Kenya we want a debating chamber to accommodate all 349, yet only, say, 50 will be required to form a quorum? Goodness! The student always surpasses the teacher.


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