Re-reading the boss!

The Nairobi of a decade ago was an urban wasteland, where human suffering was no less endemic than in its rural polar opposite, Turkana, and where the danger of being eaten by hyenas, albeit in the human form, was no less real. The crowds of street people, their excrement caking the pavements, the muggings and shootings and the potholes, which were more consistent in their population that the few stretches of smooth tarmac, were metaphors of a desolate, beaten society.

Kenya is in the tight hug of the before-the-election-violence and after-the-election-violence polarity, a piece of shallow but vicious analytical malfeasance, which has wrestled history to the ground, torn it into two contrasting pieces, and pegged it down like wet skin, with the antics of the political elite writ large, in blood.

This polarity ignores the fact that one big mistake may have defined the decade, but it was neither alone, nor was it the only event with influence on the future. The stealing of elections, the chopping off of heads and burning of houses reveals a great deal about society, as does that plate of beans in Turkana.”

When I read the above writings by my boss, I get to know that I am not alone in thinking and feeling patriotic.It’s an excellent piece of journalism ever!

Meanwhile, let me enjoy the athletes as they make Kenya proud at the Nyayo National Stadium. They are one more reason why I just love this country. Yes, you guessed right. I am off-duty.

PS: ‘Nyayo’ means ‘footsteps’ in Kiswahili, and the incoming Moi adopted it as his motif in order to reassure nervous Kenyans he would not deviate from Kenyatta’s path. When it came to grand corruption this was certainly the case, and it has continued to be true under Kibaki." (Wrong, 2009)


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