Outside the Constitution

I am very mad. Someone is taking my sleep foregranted. I mean, how do you bring Joshua Kutuny (Cherangany MP) and Kabando wa Kabando (Mukurweini MP) to discuss youth issues in the Constitution?

And just when I thought we had real panelists, apart from the two hypocrites of politicians, I got the shock of my life.

There’s this girl, Susan Kariuki, a youthful executive director of some youth trust. She looks straight into the camera and says: “Parliament should make policy and not engage in governance issues.”

Goodness me. What ‘space’ does she occupy? Parliament is “Legislature”, they make laws! Government makes policies and implements them based on laws passed by MPs (lawmakers)! I am mad. Angry!

After such an illiterate statement, I switched off the TV and came here to rant. They should go on recess like now now!

Before that Okiya Okoiti Omtatah spoke very well. He filed a case in court to challenge the existence of the parliamentary service commission. I remember him being chased from the Akiwumi tribunal when he came to challenge its legality.

Then, seriously, some guy says, if MPs can make laws to increase their salaries, they can make laws to cut their salaries. Aha? If you were that guy, that MP, with such powers, will you reduce your salary just to earn the public’s accolades? I doubt. No employee thinks he is overpaid. Everyone believes it is ‘fair’ compensation.

And they were meant to talk about the proposed Constitution, yet they went on to discuss MPs’ salaries


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