No but, yeah but....

Are you amazed at the comments on this Q & A? Especially the ones that say the answers are full of ‘hot air’ and that ‘Ruto is dishonest’ and that someone, on the basis of this interview, has decided to change the vote to ‘NO’ after being in the ‘YES’ camp since the start? Which 'space' do some people occupy?

I am. I am appalled. When people can’t poke holes in an argument, when the draft is even online, I get worried. So, we are not a ‘reading nation’ and so we depend on who speaks that which resonates with us.

When it comes to the proposed Constitution and Mr Ruto’s arguments, I know better. I have been with the team all through the process. I have listened to the arguments, all of them. I know them by heart. I can give you all the counter-arguments just for the sake of it. But that is no way to analyse, and even debate the proposed Constitution.

If we all read and got something in there to smile about, we can go ahead and vote ‘YES’. If we read and find that our conscience is unsettled with the words of the document –forget the spirit- then a ‘NO’ will be the way. The clock is ticking and I hope the prayers from the church are doing wonders. For real!


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