And now, I wake up to the politics of Kenya...

I walked halfway to work this morning. No problem. I made it anyway, but I feel so tired right now, nine hours later. I don't know how I am gonna make it back home.
Well, over lunch today, I chatted with two journalists, one a columnist for a daily national paper with a countrywide circulation of 20,000 copies; the other wears two caps. He is a seasoned sports reporter and a sports columnist too of a regional paper.
The two spoke about the lies that our politicians frequently say to get elected, and I kept on wondering, which politician doesn't tell lies. Really, which one? Even George Orwell conquered back in the fifties that the language of politicians is "designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."
So we chatted from the perceived industry of Peter Kenneth (that famed Gatanga MP with managerial tendencies) to the apparent hardwork of George Thuo, the Juja MP and also the government chief whip.
I smiled all along as the first journalist trashed PK, on how he had neglected his side of the constituency --lower Gatanga-- and such. He said the man gave out handouts, yes, that he fed men on fish instead of feeding them on fish.
But having lived in Nairobi and having interacted with PK, and based on his football record at a time when the local league had fanatic following --before it was exported to England--- I still do not believe what he said of the man. But then, PK is a politician....
George was dismissed by the two, I dont know why, but I find him IT-savvy at ( .
Anyway, I sprang a surprise question: Do you think Raila (Odinga the current Prime Minister)is going to win the next election?
The sports guy said that Raila will not win, but all the others will fail. The man has no opposition, he said. Looking at the field, you see Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. Who of the two can beat Raila? For some reason, the current Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka is out of the picture. He's not been forgiven for his "betrayal" by joining forces with Kibaki.
And the other journalist, not the sports guy, said that if Raila were to win, then he'd just bag his parliamentary seat and that will be it.
Well, unfortunately, those were journalists analysing the politics of the country two years after a bloody election violence and three years to the next General Election in 2012. The opinion poll firms are also fanning the politics of it with humdrum headlines that make no sense at this time.
Raila Odinga himself, seems, to have hidden his cards, waiting. In the past few weeks he has hinted that he would be in the running, perhaps the reason for the phenomenal, even fanatical support that he commands in Western Kenya. The vernacular radio stations in Kisii, Luo and Luhya languages have pushed him up into a demigod status, but the middle class in Nairobi seems apathetic.
It is such shock that greeted me when my uncle told me "Ni Raila tu ndio tunangoja, hatuna mwingine, kwa sababu hakushinda." So, I am waking up and wondering, who is fooling who? Who is not listening to the people? Is the media lying or am I just in denial? And now a journalist friend insists that Raila is not called enigma for nothing....come on, educate me.

PS: The matatu strike has ended after the operators went hungry for day one and saw the public opinion so against them.


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